1 whole fish (Hake, Kinglip)
2 tsp green chillies
2 tsp garlic flakes
1 tsp spice for fish
1½ tsp salt
1 tsp black pepper
1 tsp crushed almonds
2 TBS lemon juice
¼ cup fresh cream

Combine the above ingredients together – form into a paste and spread over the fish
Place the fish in an oven tray
Heat a little oil and ghee together and pour over the fish
Bake the fish @ 200 until the flesh begins to flake
Remove the fish from the oven when done and pour the following sauce over

25ml (2 TBS) butter
25ml (2 TBS) fresh cream
25ml (2 TBS) mayonnaise
10ml (2 TSP) garlic flakes
A dash of salt & pepper

Place above ingredients into a pot and boil until it thickens
Once it has thickened, pour over the fish
Garnish fish with sunflower seeds & parsley