Ladoo Sweetmeats



500ml Gram Flour

10ml Baking Powder

5ml Egg Yellow Colouring

250ml Cold Water (Add more if needed)



500ml Sugar

5ml Elachi Powder

250ml Water

5ml Egg Yellow food colouring

5ml Red Colouring

Boil Sugar and water to form a sticky syrup. Keep syrup warm



1>     Sift Gram Flour, Baking Powder

2>     Mix colouring into water and mix with a wooden spoon to form smooth weak batter

3>     Heat oil and deep fry

4>     Pour butter into colander held over hot oil, bit by bit will fall into oil

5>     Drain and put into syrup

6>     When all is soaked properly

7>     When cold add 5ml elachi powder, 25ml desiccated coconut, 50ml almond bits and 50ml butter.

8>     Mix Well

9>     Form small balls and roll into coloured almond bits.

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