Banana Puri



500ml Cake Flour

2ml Baking Powder

250ml Ice Water with 3ml Lemon Juice

125ml Melted Butter – (2 Tablespoon for the dough)


250ml Sugar

Pinch of Elachi Powder

125ml Water

Boil the Sugar and Water together for 5 minutes.

Cool the Syrup


1>     Sift dry ingredients

2>     Rub butter into dry ingredients

3>     Add ice water to form stiff dough

4>     Divide dough in 8 portion

5>     Roll each portion into small rotis

6>     Brush each one with melted butter

7>     Roll into large circle

8>     Cut into ruler size strips

9>     Fold each ruler strip and press with rolling pin till it is flat (Not very flat).

10> Heat oil (not too hot)

11> Place banana puri into oil

12> Use two forks and control the banana puri as it frys.

13> When fully fried layer will open as you use the fork.

14> Do not let it get brown

15> Remove from heat and place on a cooling rack to allow all oil to be removed.

16> When cold, dip into syrup and roll into coconut.

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