Indian woman are the most beautiful in the world. Agree?

I agree with both Avani and Casey. Indian people are naturally beautiful, with smooth skin, silky hair, varying shades of eyes and skin and look good in any of the latest fashion. However, there are the downsides when it comes to personalities cause you get those who are too possesive, conceited and sometimes inconsiderate towards others feelings. The younger ones are sometimes too immature and everyone wants to be like a bollywood star or an american rapper!

..thinking aloud

Where are all those good clean guys who can hold a good sensible conversation with a female?
Are there any females out there in the same boat as me who is finding it hard to meet guys just a friends.
Im in my late 20s, successful, independent yet I just find it hard to meet simple down to earth guys these days.

Guys are you finding it hard to meet girls.

Its just something that’s so common these days to find single people all over. Am I going to die single and old like my tamil school teacher…..oh God save me some one!
Just me thinking aloud ?


1. You type faster on your phone than computer.
2. You actually say 'LOL' when speaking to people.
3. You can drive and Mxit, eat and Mxit, bath and Mxit, go toilet and Mxit, study and Mxit.
4. You talk to people 0n Mxit when they are sitting on the other side of the table.
5. You dont know what most of your friends look like!
6. Your social life is over once your phone is confiscated.
7. Your teachers can't understand why your essays and you dont know why.
8. If nobody else is on Mxit, you start chatting to JoeBanker!!!

What moral fiber are parents instilling?

I dated a guy for 5 years, who at that time was formally from PMB for the past 5 years and in November he asked my parents for my hand in marriage and proposed to me. I later found him calling another girl, kicked him out of the flat we shared and stopped him from using my car. I recently found out that his mother (his parents are divorced) had someone else that she intended for him to marry all along and only play along that she was happy.