Four Indians in Forbes top 10 wealthiest CEO’s list

Indian’s are making their presence felt everywhere, be it business or sports. Never before in the history have Indian’s attracted so much of global attention.

Just yesterday, Forbes magazine listed as many as 14 Indians in its ‘Midas 100 List’ of those who invested in start-up companies and then sell off their stakes with handsome gains.

Today Forbes released another coveted list "World’s top 10 wealthiest CEOs" - Guess what, 4 Indian’s figure in it.

Here are these 4 coveted Indian CEO:

Number 2
Lakshmi Mittal
Net worth: $32 billion
Chairman and chief executive, ArcelorMittal
The Indian steel titan is head of ArcelorMittal, the world’s leading steelmaker by output. Mittal is the fifth-wealthiest person in the world, according to Forbes’ annual billionaires list, released last March.


Number 6

Mukesh Ambani
Net worth: $20.1 billion
Chairman and managing director of Reliance Industries

Ambani fulfills the duties of CEO at his company, even though he doesn’t carry the title. Son of the late Dhirubhai Ambani, the legendary Indian tycoon and founder of Reliance Industries. A few years after the elder Ambani’s death in 2002, his sons split the family fortune, with Mukesh retaining Reliance Industries and Reliance Petroleum.

Number 7

Anil Ambani
Net worth: $18.2 billion
Chairman of Reliance ADA

Like his brother Mukesh, Anil doesn’t call himself chief executive, even though he shares the duties of a CEO with two other executives at Reliance ADA. A few years after the death of their father Dhirajlal Ambani, Anil took over the family’s telecom, finance and power interests.

Number 8

Azim Premji
Net worth: $17.1 billion
Chairman, Wipro
Like the Ambani brothers, Premji doesn’t hold the title of CEO, but effectively acts like one. His company Wipro is one of India’s largest information-technology companies. Earlier this month, he denied market rumors that Wipro was interested in acquiring CapGemini of France.

The number 1 position was taken by Warren Buffet with Sheldon Adelson, Bernard Arnault, Lawrence Ellison, Michael Dell and Charles Koch completing the Top 10 list.