Easy and Practical Ways to Help Make Your Marriage Last

For your marriage to last many years, it is important that you show your love for one another on a regular basis.

That means daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly, taking a few minutes, even seconds, to put your spouse first on your priority list.

Spend at least 10 minutes a day focused on one another without the distraction of your kids, the TV, the phone, etc.

Kiss your spouse in the morning, before leaving the house, when you go to bed, and several other times during the day and evening.

Say I Love You.

Hug your spouse several times each day.

Affirm something your spouse said or did and say something nice

Be kind to your spouse.

Do something caring and romantic for your spouse.

Don't criticize your spouse.

Laugh together.

Hide some love notes for your spouse.

Do a few things together, like working in the yard, taking a walk, watching a favorite movie, or planning and cooking dinner.

Encourage both yourself and your spouse to have some alone time.

Plan and have a date with one another.

Celebrate your anniversary Write a letter to each other recommitting yourselves to your marriage.

Decide together how you will celebrate holidays.

Make a big deal about your birthdays.

Don't try to change your spouse.

Be willing to forgive.

Don't expect your spouse to be a mind reader and don't try to be a mind reader.

Accept that there will be some small issues that you two will never resolve and that it is normal in successful marriages.

Source About.com