Great Ways to Say I Love You

The best ways to say "I love you" to your spouse are usually in simple, everyday, seemingly unimportant ways. Leo Buscaglia, who wrote and taught about love, said "Words and deeds that say 'You enrich my life' go on forever."
Here are some suggestions to get your own creative juices flowing so that your love for one another will go on forever.

Make sure you say "I Love You" at least once each day to your spouse.

Write unexpected love notes.
Suggestions on Where to Leave Love Notes

Give your mate an unexpected hug, a surprisingly romantic kiss, or a teasing tickle often.

Be spontaneous and surprising with winking at each other, whisking your spouse away for an unexpected weekend alone, star-gazing together, taking a walk in the rain with one another.

Share memories by looking at old photographs and talking about memories you share together.

Schedule a day to just be leisurely together.


Share why you love your spouse.

Give the gift of your time by performing trivial chores for your spouse, such as folding the clothes, running an errand, washing the car, etc.

Don't forget anniversaries and birthdays.


Blow a kiss from across the room.

Dance with your spouse in your own living room.

Hold hands.

Plan and cook a meal together.

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